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For the more modern rulers I will showcase a few coins that I particularly love, sometimes for the rarity, and sometimes for the way they look.


King George V - Ruled 1910-1936


1913 1/3 Farthing, NGC MS65 RD



1936 Farthing, NGC PF64 RB

Listed by Freeman as R18, 6-15 known.



1935 VIP Proof Halfpenny, NGC PF66 BN.

Peck 2321 listed as VR, Freeman 425, listed as R18, 6-15 known.

Available for most years all of the George V VIP proof issues very rare.



1912 H (Heaton Mint) Penny, NGC MS 66 RB.

After introduction of the National Insurance Act of 1911 an unusually high demand existed for both bronze and silver coinage. In 1912, 1918 and 1919 the Heaton Mint (The Mint, Birmingham Ltd.) was subcontracted to provide some of the circulating coinage of Great Britain. The 1912 is the most common of these issues but still scarce in comparison to normal penny mintages of the period. Note the mintmark is just left of the date.



1918 KN (Kings Norton Metal Company) Penny, raw uncirculated.

Although listed by Peck as Scarce the KN mint coins of 1918 and 1919 become rare in uncirculated grades. Quite a lot of ghosting of the obverse image but quite well struck for the issue.



1918 H Penny, NGC MS 63 RD

A very scarce Heaton mint penny.



1919 H Penny, NGC MS 63 BN

A tough Heaton mint piece in uncirculated.



1919 KN Penny, NGC EF 45

A very difficult Kings Norton date to find in high grade.



1914 Sixpence NGC MS 66.



1936 Shilling, NGC MS 66

Lovely toning.



1936 Florin, NGC MS 66

Lovely toning on this one.


King George VI - Ruled 1936-1952


1938 Halfpenny, NGC MS 66 RB.



George VI (without IND:IMP) Penny, 1951 NGC 65 RB.

A particularly well struck specimen, usually the only expensive year of his pennies.



1946 (English Crest) Shilling, NGC MS 65


Queen Elizabeth II - Ruled 1952 - Present

And not a lot to show for Elizabeth II, although one could attempt a year set of Proof Halfpennies.

Considering the rarity they really aren't very expensive, I guess not many collectors want to collect them when they can't possibly complete the set.



1953 Farthing, NGC MS 66 BN.

Really a lovely looking example of the Wren farthing.



1957 Halfpenny Die Trial, NGC MS 63 BN



1958 VIP Proof Halfpenny of Elizabeth II, NGC PF 65 RB.

An extremely rare proof of record, currently tied for finest graded, ex Exeter College Collection. Freeman 482, R19, 2-5 known, but it seems to me their are at least 6-8 of this date floating around in various collections.



1964 VIP Proof Halfpenny of Elizabeth II, NGC PF 66 BN.

A superb specimen of an exceedingly rare proof of record. Freeman 491A, R19 (3-5 known), ex Exeter College Collection. I have recently been able to confirm that the Royal Mint Collection contains 2 examples of this date, the British Museum has confirmed that they do not have a proof example, only a regular business strike. Although this is modern, it has everything, wonderful look, and great rarity.



1953 Penny, NGC MS 65 RB



1953 Sixpence, NGC MS 65



1953 (English Crest) Shilling, NGC MS 66



1953 Crown, NGC PF 66 Cameo.

Nothing particularly rare about this coin, just a design I have always liked.


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