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King Edward VII - Ruled 1901-1910

One of the most decadent Kings in modern times Edwards wife somehow found a way to ignore his extramarital activities. The coins of Edward VII are actually quite difficult to find in high grade and more expensive than one would imagine. Edwards reign also marked a name change from House of Hanover to House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.







1902 Halfpenny (High Sea Level), MS66 RB.

"Sea Level" refers to the height of the tide left of Britannia's Shield and can be high or low.

Whenever you have a coin of this quality appear, buy it, one may never come around again.






1905 Penny, MS65 RB.








1907 Shilling, MS 64.

Note the new design for the reverse.





1902 Florin (2 Shillings), MS 64.

I believe the reverse design used for the Florins was one of the most elegant in modern coinage.






1910 Halfcrown, MS64, lovely crusty gold toning on this example.




Silver and gold proof sets were issued in 1902, in a new Matte finish. The story goes that the mint workers thought something was wrong with them and tried buffing them up on their leather aprons to make them shine, but they won't. In any event they rarely tone anything but various shades of gray, and the 3rd party grading companies seem to have a very difficult time grading them consistantly.



1902 Matte Proof Sixpence



1902 Matte Proof Shilling, NGC PF64.



1902 Matte Proof Florin (2 Shillings), NGC PF 63.



1902 Matte Proof Halfcrown, NGC PF 62.



1902 Matte Proof Crown, NGC PF 63.


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