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Queen Victoria Ruled 1837-1901

The niece of William IV, Victorias long reign was marked by several different varieties of coinage. The early coins are generally referred to as Young Head, then came the Mature Head, the short lived Jubilee Head, and finally the Veiled Head. In addition the wonderful Gothic designs were introduced on the larger silver coins.



Copper and Bronze


Farthings (1/4 Penny) and Partial Farthings



1857 Young Head (Copper), NGC MS 64 RB.



1861 Laureate Bust, NGC MS 66 BN.

One of those examples where a brown coin can be really special looking.



1881 1/3 Farthing, NGC 66 RB

Minted for use in Malta.



1890 Mature Head NGC MS 64 RB



1899 Veiled Head, NGC MS 65 BN.

Blackened at mint.





1855 Young Head (Copper), NGC MS 66 RB, well struck and with very nice luster.



1860 Halfpenny (Beaded Border) NGC MS 65 BN, enlarged to show the details of the beading.



1862 Halfpenny (Toothed Border) NGC MS 64 RB, enlarged to show the toothed border.



1890 Mature Bust NGC MS66 RB.

The highest graded and it looks much better in hand than my poor photo. There are not a lot of Halfpennies graded 66 in the entire Victoria series, so you have to act pretty fast when one is available. Once again it's not high prices, it's the lack of material at this grade level.



1895 Veiled Head, NGC MS 65 RD.

Really well struck.






1854 Young Head Penny (Copper), NGC MS 64 BN.

A really fabulous coin in hand, I just can't image it correctly.



1858/6 Penny NGC MS65 BN

Lovely color, and I believe this is scarcer than most seem to think.



1860 Penny (Beaded Border), NGC MS64 RB. 

The 1860 Beaded Border is a very tough type in uncirculated, currently only 5 graded at NGC in all colors. This tied for the finest numerical grade.



1891 Mature Bust, NGC MS 66 RD.

Note that you should always buy the coin, not the holder. This particular coin is very nice, and I am happy to have it, but it is really worth red-brown money, not full red. This is because there are enough small areas of toning on the coin which for me take it out of the full red price arena.



1901 Veiled Bust, NGC MS 66 RD.





1870 Threepence (2nd Young Head), NGC MS 65.

Really delightful toning on this particular piece. Note that this shows a slightly older portrait form the earlier young head pieces.



1889 Threepence (Jubilee Head), NGC MS66



1888 Groat (Jubilee Head), NGC 66






1850 Young Head, NGC MS 65.

Lovely rich toning, ex Newman collection.



1850/30 Young Head, PCGS MS66

Normally I wouldn't show multiples of the same date, but this is such a lovely example of the overdate

I had to put it up.



1868 with Die Number, NGC MS 64.

Ex Newman collection, you'll note the die number, 5 in this case, just above the date.



1887 Jubilee Head, NGC MS 65.

 Shield reverse type with lovely light toning.



1890 Jubilee Head, NGC MS 65.

With value reverse type, with strong rich toning.



1900 Veiled Bust, NGC MS 65.

Ex Newman collection.






1839 Young Head, NGC MS 65.

The first year of issue of the Victoria coins.



1874 Young Head with die number, NGC MS 64.

From 1864-1879 the Royal Mint experimented with applying die numbers so they could track the number of coins each die set produced.



1887 Jubilee Head, NGC MS 66.

This is the small head version minted from 1887-1889.

This particular coin with attractive toning, this year often takes on a rather dull gray tone.



1889 Jubilee Head, NGC MS 64.

The larger head minted from 1889-1892.



1893 Veiled Head, NGC MS 65.



Florins, Double Florins & Halfcrowns


Introduced as an early form of decimilization, the early Florins are some of the most wonderful designs ever found on British coins. The Florins are valued at 2 Shillings, as well as 1/10 of a Pound.



1849 Florin NGC MS 64.

Known popularly as the "Godless" florin, this coin omitted the term Dei Gratia.



1852 Florin, NGC MS 64.

Known as the Gothic design these pieces had Gothic style script,

and the date in Roman Numerals.



1887 Jubilee Head Florin, NGC MS 63.



1893 Veiled Head, NGC MS 64.

This also introduced a new reverse design which I quite like.



1887 Double Florin (4 Shillings), NGC MS 64.

Roman 1 in date.



1887 Double Florin (4 Shillings), NGC MS 63.

Arabic 1 in date. 


1887 Halfcrown, NGC MS 65.

Lovely toning and very intricate reverse engraving.





1887 Half Sovereign, NGC MS 65




1887 Sovereign, NGC MS63






1860 Proof Farthing, NGC PF 65 BN.

P1855 rated as excessively rare, Freeman lists this as R19 - 2-5 known. Really a lovely toned coin and just what I like in a "Brown" graded coin.



1839 Proof Halfpenny, NGC PF 63 BN.

P1523 (Bronzed), listed as scarce, approximately 300 issued.



1853 Proof Halfpenny, NGC PF 65 BN.

P-1541 (Copper), listed as Very Scarce. A lovely example of the Young Head type. The 1853's are from the proof sets issued that year. Sold on to a new owner.



1861 Proof Halfpenny, NGC PF 65 RB.

Listed by Freeman as R19 (2-5 known) this year should probably be an R18 (6-15 known).

Never the less, a wonderful coin in hand.



1876 H Proof Halfpenny, NGC PF 66 RB.

Freeman 329A, rated R19, 2-5 known. And what a fantastic coin, even though I believe there may be a few more than estimated this is still extremely rare, and in an unbelievably high grade. Something of this quality just shouldn't exist from the Heaton mint. There is a lot of discussion about whether these Heaton pieces should be called Proofs or Specimens, I tend toward the Proof designation, and NGC agrees.



1885 Proof Halfpenny, NGC PF 64 RB.

Sometimes you have to buy an ugly coin when you are searching for rarity. Although I will probably never complete a year set, I pick up the proof halfpennies from each year when I can find one that is

affordable. The 1885 is rated R19 (2-5 known) by Freeman so when this came up for a reasonable price I had to buy it.



1868 Proof Penny, PCGS PF 65 RD.

P1683 rated as rare, Freeman lists this as an R17, 16- 50 known.

Also, don't buy a coin like this at a full Red price, the toning spots on the obverse keep it out of that price for me and many others. But priced as a RB designation it's a perfectly lovely coin.



1893 Proof Sixpence (Veiled Head), NGC PF 65

From the proof sets of the year, a lovely piece. These are relatively common and often come with very attractive toning.


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