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King George IV - Ruled 1820-1830

The eldest son of George III as Prince Regent he effectively ruled Great Britain from 1810 and ushered in the period known in the arts world as Regency Style. His first style coinage was engraved by the famed Benedetto Pistrucci, replaced in 1825 with the portrait by William Wyon.


Farthings (1/4 Pence)




1822 Farthing NGC MS 65 BN.

Wonderfully toned, as can often be the case with the farthings of this period.



1826 Farthing, NGC MS 65 BN.

In addition to the change in portrait note the legend changed from George IIII, to George IV.





1827 Halfpenny NGC MS 64 BN.

Halfpennies were issued only in 1825, 1826 and 1827.





1825 Penny, NGC MS 65 BN.

As with the halfpennies only struck for three years.








1821 Sixpence, NGC MS 62

I really love the reverse design on this one year type.



1825 Sixpence, Laureate Bust, NGC MS 65.



1828 Sixpence, Bare Bust, NGC MS62

A very tough date in uncirculated.



1829 Sixpence, Bare Bust, NGC MS 63.






1821 Shilling, NGC MS65

Laureate Bust with Anno 1821 Reverse, a one year type. This is a recent upgrade, while it doesn't show in the photos when rotated in the light there is rich red and blue toning in the fields.



1824 Shilling, Laureate Bust, NGC MS 64.

Somewhat dark toning but very rich looking.



1825 Shilling, Bare Bust, NGC MS 62.



1827 Shilling, Bare Bust, NGC MS 62.

Rated Rare in ESC this seems an underappreciated date to me. NGC currently has only 9 examples total graded, 4 in uncirculated grades. This example with lovely toning.



1829 Shilling, Bare Bust, NGC MS63

Another tough date in any grade.






1826 Halfpenny, NGC PF65 BN.



1821 Sixpence, NGC PF 63.



1826 Sixpence (Bare Bust), NGC PF62.

ESC 1663, rated as scarce, these were issued in the proof sets of 1826 (mintage approximately 400) and are reasonably available. The toning is somewhat dark on this piece, but no reason I can see for it to be a 62, really has a much higher grade look to it.



1825 Shilling (Bare Bust Reeded Edge), NGC PF 65

ESC 1255, rated Rare, much scarcer than the 1826 issued in the proof sets of that year. Currently the only example graded at NGC.

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